Company Profile

HIFA is a contract automation equipment manufacturer, providing solutions for the integration of precision automatic equipment assembly lines. Our main products include loading, transportation and unloading systems for PCB manufacturing equipment, food processing equipment and medical equipment. HIFA also provides precision machining service for parts used in hard disk drive manufacturing and semiconductor equipment manufacturing as well as OEM service to world-renowned brand equipment companies in Asia, Europe and North America. HIFA couples superior production equipment and measuring instruments along with advanced process and an excellent working team to create solutions for the customer.

◆Factory Floor Space → 3000 sq/m
◆Work Force →Current@ 35

Business scope and Core Competencies
Motion Control; Precision Positioning;
Mechanical Systems; Electronic Systems;
Software Programming; Firmware Programming;
Data Acquisition Control; Automated Test & Meas
Low Volume, High-Mix;
Flexible Manufacturing;
Prototypes; Custom Products;
Assembly;Systems Integration
  Precision Machining
CNC Machine Center
CNC Turning Machine
Surface Grinding Machine
Manual Lathe; Manual Mill
  Quality Management
Zeiss CMM
Tesr Height Guage 
3D Projector
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